Course Details

  • Duration: 04 months
  • Total Class: 80
  • Weekly Class: 6 days
  • Course Fee: 12,000/- (One time Payment)
  • Course Fee: 15,000/- (Installment payment)
Course Mentor

Nayeem Hasan | 7 Years of Experience

Course Overview

You don’t need to have previous knowledge of ethical hacking to enroll in this course. Our course has been designed from the basics to advanced to make it available for anyone interested to learn. You will gradually increase your competence in trendy topics like network scanning, cryptography, cloud computing, system hacking and many more. You will also solve practical projects that will be a great addition to your portfolio. 

Course Topics

  1. Introduction To Ethical Hacking
  2. Scanning Networks
  3. Social Engineering
  4. Hacking Wireless Networks
  5. Virtualization Technology & Setup Lab
  6. Networking Concept
  7. Session Hijacking
  8.  System Hacking
  9. Hacking Web Applications
  10. Hacking Mobile Platforms
  11. Getting Familiar With Linux
  12. Cyber Crime & Law

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