Android App Development (1)

Course Details

  • Duration: 04 months
  • Total Class: 80
  • Weekly Class: 6 days
  • Course Fee: 10,000/- (One time Payment)
  • Course Fee: 12,000/- (Installment payment)
Course Mentor

Nayeem Hasan | 7 Years of Experience

Course Overview

At RAMIT Training Center, our Android Apps Development Training program stands as a gateway to the ever-expanding world of mobile application development. Our comprehensive curriculum is meticulously crafted to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to create innovative and user-friendly Android applications. Led by industry experts with hands-on experience, our training goes beyond theory, offering practical insights into designing, coding, and optimizing apps. Whether you’re a budding developer looking to kickstart your career or a professional seeking to expand your skillset, our Android Apps Development Training promises to unlock endless possibilities in the world of mobile technology.

Course Topics

  1. How to be a good Android app developer?
  2. Analysis, Implementation, Prototype
  3. Database Design, Management, and Command.
  4. Programing language Java / Kotlin
  5. Android Studio
  6. App Visible Layout
  7. Activity and Intents
  8. Android Menu
  9. App Security and permission
  10. Google Map
  11. Firebase / Push Notification
  12. Play Store, Admob, and Live Project
  13. Marketplace
Android App Development

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