3D Model Design

Course Details

  • Duration: 04 months
  • Total Class: 60
  • Weekly Class: 6 days
  • Course Fee: 10,000/- (One time Payment)
  • Course Fee: 12,000/- (Installment payment)
Course Mentor

Shibly Sadik | 9 Years of Experience

Course Overview

As of late, The Demand for 3D design is being increased day by day. 3D model design is noteworthy of them. By considering the demand and the request of hundreds of interested people we plan to launch the training program. We have specially chosen Blender for 3D Model Design. Blender is also regarded as static and moving graphics for developing animated movies, and visual effects. It offers many features including 3D modeling, texturing, rigging skinning, fluid, smoke simulation, animation, rendering, and video editing. Ultimately we hope that after completing the course anyone will get a large number of projects on 3D design in a freelancing marketplace or Locally.

Course Topics

  1. Introducing 3D Blender
  2. Create 3D Table, Chair, Furniture with Color
  3. Object texturing (Table and Chair Furniture)
  4. Object UV Editor
  5. Camera
  6. Lighting
  7. Solidify
  8. Create 3D floor plan and decoration
  9. 3D Home and decoration
  10. Create 3D Drone
  11. 3D Car
  12. Marketplace

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